From succulent marinated meats to perfectly grilled vegetables, our skilled chefs infuse every dish with flavours that will make your taste buds dance. 

Our BBQ menus are customisable, allowing you to select your favorite meats, sides and sauces to create a personalised BBQ experience.

We can provide all the necessary equipment, including BBQ's and serving stations, and a chef to ensure your guests are treated to expertly cooked food hot off the BBQ!

Let us make your next gathering a sizzling success.

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Gourmet BBQ Menu

Canapés (choose three)
Tomato medley, basil, aged Parmesan bruschetta, (V)
Chicken, walnut & dill Sandwiches
Beef, rocket, Béarnaise panini
Pizza squares, mozzarella, prosciutto, basil
Crispy fried chicken 'Dirty Bird' wingettes (GF)
Corn, jalapeno & Manchego croquettes, tabasco aioli (V) (GF)
Sweet potato, macadamia, caramelised onion, mint parcels (V)
Truffled arancini balls, lemon aioli (V) (GF)
Spanakopita Filo Cigars (V)
Chorizo, Red Pepper, queso fresco, Quesadillas (GF) (Veg option)
Traditional garlic, dijon, parsley sausage rolls
Chicken, Ham, Mustard, Puff Pies

Assorted BBQ Meats (choose three)
Porterhouse steaks, horseradish & assorted mustards
Smokey pork spare ribs
Garlic & rosemary lamb skewers
Gourmet Italian sausages
Black Angus, thyme & caramelised onion beef burgers
Chicken drumsticks, homemade BBQ sauce
Corn a& spring onion fritters, tomato & avocado salsa (V)

Salads (Choose two)
Beetroot risoni pasta with Persian feta, parsley & lemon zest
Quinoa, roasted cauliflower, roasted sweet potato, herbs(GF) (DF) (Vegan)
Moroccan coleslaw, coriander, hazelnuts (GF)
Citrus, sumac, radicchio, cherry tomatoes, baked ricotta, balsamic dressing (GF)
Roasted sweet potato & eggplant, kidney bean, coriander, mint, tahini yoghurt dressing (GF)
Cos, pea, fennel, dill, Cucumber, honey & dijon dressing (GF)
Pear, rocket, smoked almond and parmesan Salad (GF)
German potato, dill, cornichons, bacon, egg (GF)
Soba noodle, asian veg, soy & sesame Dressing, peanuts (Vegan)

Sides (choose one)
Potato Au Gratin- potato, sweet potato, leek, Gruyere, parsley
BBQ Corn- chipotle mayo, Manchego, paprika
Dips Platter- Baba ganoush, roasted red pepper & feta, pumpkin & harissa, olives, crusty bread

Desserts (Choose two, served with double cream)
Rhubarb crumble cake, vanilla custrad
Spiced chocolate & hazelnut brownie (GF)
Individual pannacotta, strawberry salsa (GF)
Tangy lemon cheesecake
Individual tiramisu, Italian mascarpone, espresso, Savoiardi biscuit